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A book for beginners?

posted 10 Feb 2012, 07:05 by kashim choudhury
17 09 2010 (Re-posted) The question keeps croping up. What books do you recommend to help with my training?

There are loads of books out there, and when I was first asked, it threw me back a bit. I own most of Soke Hatsumi’s books, so that should be a good place to start. However, which of these give a good grounding for a beginner? They’re all good books in particular all of the new publications, but I couldn’t rmember any that go into the detail that a beginner needs to correct their stance, perfect their roll etc.

That’s when I remembered (what I should have remembered straight away) my Instructor’s Book, Ninjutsu, A Beginners Guide. I guess it was there all along! It covers rolling, break falling, Kihon happo, Sanshin no Kata, all with quite detailed photos. Additionnally, it describes the techniques from Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki.

So that’s my advice. The the Beginners Book.

… but also, I remembered a great hatsumi book, Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu. It does all the above, as well as having great commentary from Soke. Unfortunately if you can’t read Japanese then you may have some trouble with it, that is if you can get hold of it as I believe it’s now out of print. :(

Good thing then that I have a translated copy of it :)

You can get one yourself from It’s not cheap though… I think I paid $75 + PP from the states but I think its a bit cheaper now…


If there are any books that you’re interested in then let me know and I’ll write a review if I own it / have read it.