Training is fairly informal and in a relaxed environment... no previous experience is required and classes are suitable for all levels. See the classes page for further details on where and when to get started. 



It's interesting to see and learn how these ancient techniques are very appicable to modern day living, both in terms of self defense as well as personal development and enlightenment. One thing to be certain though, is that no two lessons will be the same!

What to wear...

Wear what you like!!! So long as it's fairly loose, comfortable and does not restrict movement. If you enjoy the training and wish to progess through gradings you may wish to purchase a Gi (we usually wear a black one) and japanese shoes known as tabi.

What to expect

It's probably easier to describe what not to expect... expect none of the following: board breaking, macho egos, and chanting "Pain does not exist in this dojo!".
The instructor led classes generally begin with a warm up which can vary depending upon the theme of training for that particular session.
There is a focus on taijutsu - literally meaning the art of the body or body movement. Once mastered these techiniques can be used armed and unarmed, evasive or aggressive and encompass rolling and break-falling (taihenjutsu), striking, fist patterns and conditioning (dakentaijutsu) and throws, locks and joint manipulations (jutaijutsu). Each is found in varying degrees in the 9 schools of Bujinkan.